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I’m a writer, a feminist, a mushroom enthusiast, a yogi and a vegan. And... surprise! I'm also a due diligence researcher and geek. A woman of many hats, I love writing, learning and keeping curious about this fascinating world we live in. 

For the last five years, I’ve been a ‘digital slowmad’ (a fresh take on the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle) which allows me to work remotely from different countries while travelling at a slow and intentional pace. Passionate about political ecology, culture, travel, and spirituality — I regularly nerd out about this world we get to inhabit. I love deep-dive research and presenting my findings and reflections in a thoughtful and accessible way. My musings cover topics like eco-travel, grief, and the mystical.

Thank you for being here! 

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My Work

Homelessness and the Hungarian Story of Criminalisation, The Language of 'Authoritarian' Regimes

Yoga Pose

How Do We Handle Misogyny in Spiritual Spaces?


Co-working Capital, The Bastion


Sustainable Bali Tourism: How to be a Better Bali Tourist, unsustainable

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